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It is important to consider the services of a licensed land surveyor if you are buying, selling, mortgaging or subdividing property, building a fence or other structure on your property, or are just curious about the exact location of your land’s boundaries.

Why Should I Hire a Land Surveyor?


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Why A Surveyor (NYSAPLS) The Land Surveying Profession In New York State (ENYSLS) What You Should Know About Land Surveyors (NYS Office of the Professions)

A very common type of survey performed is a boundary survey, for both residential and commercial clients. A complete boundary survey includes a research of public records for deeds, maps, easements, etc. Then a field survey to locate existing boundary evidence and improvements to the property, or improvements to the adjoining properties that are in close proximity to the boundary line. Having the initial field work completed, this information is entered into a computer so that analytical computations to determine boundary line location, detailed mapping, and parcel descriptions can be performed. Finally, a return trip to the site so that the property markers can be set.

What is included in a complete boundary survey?


The cost to perform a boundary survey is dependent upon the time it takes to perform all of the tasks required to complete the survey. The complexity of the survey can be affected by the clarity of the deed descriptions, amount of physical evidence found in the field, accessibility to the property, the terrain and the size and shape of the parcel being surveyed. As a result, only a professional land surveyor can accurately estimate the cost of a survey. The cost of a survey can range from a few hundred to several thousands of dollars. You should keep in mind that the cost of a survey represents a very small percentage of your total investment, and it can help you avoid costly and painful problems in the future.

How much will my survey cost?